Facts about hunting in Sweden

Posted on 3 December 2010 by Ronny Lund in Regulations | Reageer als eerste »

In Sweden the hunting comes hand in hand with the nature conservation. The hunting is to be seen as a wise, as well as a long term, utilisation of the renewable nature resources of wild animals. The general principle for all hunting is that all animals are protected unless there is an official hunting period for a certain animal.

Seasons are mainly autumn and winter, i.e., from late August to February. These dates vary greatly depending on the type of animal and where in Sweden and types of hunting methods. The number of big game shot is regulated through licenses all over Sweden in order to keep the populations strong, stable and healthy. That is the case for moose, deer except roe deer, bear and lynx.

The right to hunt and to keep the prey is tied to owning land or property. Any person owning land therefore has the exclusive right to hunt on his/her own land. In order to do so one must have a license for a gun or rifle. Today one must go through a special education in order to be able to get a permit to own a gun or a permit to by a type of gun one not already possesses. Therefore the Swedish Hunting School is as natural for new hunters as getting a drivers license to teenagers.

A landowner is free to let other people hunt on his/her property as long as they fulfil the general regulations concerning hunting. In fact this is a very common thing to do. The hunter leases the right to hunt and then also gets the tight to keep the prey.

Restrictions are rigorous about handling and keeping weapons in Sweden. Any gun or rifle must be securely locked in a safety box. If one can temporarily not meet up to these restrictions one must keep the vital part of the rifle apart from the rest of the rifle. When travelling across someone else´s land where one does not have hunting permission, the rifle must be placed so that it cannot be reached during the drive and shells must be taken out of the barrel. Hunting from the car or any vehicle motored by an engine is forbidden!

There are also regulations on the types of guns that are allowed during hunting. Multiple shell shotguns are for example not allowed. Some game require certain calibers etc. Be aware that almost all hunting in Sweden requires the presence of a hunting dog to be legal.

Foreigners who wish to hunt in Sweden have the possibility to do so if invited by a Swedish resident with hunting permission. There is an annual fee to be able to go hunting. It must be paid, and brought along and in addition, one must have an insurance.
In order to be allowed to bring in weapons into Sweden special permits are provided for by the police. The hunting host will provide the forms which must be filled in before crossing the Swedish border. One may also borrow a weapon when in Sweden, special permits are also to be filled in at the local police station.

Furthermore, all hunters are required to make a shooting test for some game, for example the moose. The test is to shoot target of a moose, in natural size, standing still, as well as moving.