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Will we shoot a deer today ?

Posted on 22 December 2010 by Ronny Lund in Deer, Hunting Companions, Roe-deer, Video | Reageer als eerste »

Hunting Roe Deer is always unpredictable. That is what makes it fascinating as well. Watch this video and you will find out what it can be like..


How to shoot Deer

Posted on 20 November 2010 by Marc Marsman in Deer, Hunting Techniques | Reageer als eerste »

Despite their relatively small stature, deer are tough game animals. Anything less than a fatal shot can mean a lost animal, and even when hit properly, dear are notoriously difficult to locate if they run off before dying. Avoid brain and spine shots, seeking instead the centre lung shot. From broadside, follow the back line of the front leg up to the centre of the chest. Drop down just a smidgen and you’ve got the perfect shot. If your deer is at an angle, visualize where the lungs lay and shoot for the centre of this mass. From above, as when treestand hunting, a spot just behind the shoulders, in the centre of the body, will ensure you hit either the spine, lungs or heart-any of which will result in a one-shot kill.

WOUNDED and lost big game animals are part of the somber side of hunting. None of us is comfortable with the subject, but if you have any measurable hunting experience, you’ve undoubtedly seen examples.

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