Hunt with Ronny

Hunting with me on Ekeskogs Farm and Gotland can vary quite a lot.  The hunts I could take you on could be on hare, goose, duck, dove, crow, rabbit, or roe-deer.

Which hunt we will undertake is of course depended of the season and the natural balance of the wildlife at that moment.

All hunting is done in a relaxed atmosphere in a group consisting of a maximum of four hunters. During the hunt there will be room for a lunch and our traditional campfire.

My two best hunting companions  are my dachshund Makka and my ferret Cookie. Makka is a very keen hunter on roe-dear, and Cookie is great a chasing rabbits out of their holes.

If you would like, we could ride on horse back through nature, from hunting ground to hunting ground.

I take care of the hunted game myself. I have been skinning and slaughtering for many years. Not only wild life but also my own cows on the Ekeskogs farm. I can teach you these skills, when you stay at our farm.

The greatest joy and pride I take in preparing the hunted meat myself. Every dish I prepare is different, but prepared with a lot of love en inspiration. The goal is to make you smile after you have tasted how good wild life on Gotland can taste.

Just look at these pictures and you will get a feel of the adventure hunting at Ekeskogs Farm can bring you.

Ronny and Peer smiling after a good hunt

Rabit hunting by traveling on horse back

Makka, the bravest dashhund in the world

Crow hunting Nice and Dry

Cookie the Ekeskogs Ferret has done his job..