Rabbit Hunting in the first snow and frost of 2010-2011

Posted on 3 December 2010 by Ronny Lund in Hunting Techniques, Rabbit, Video | 1 Reactie

The two guys from the Netherlands made a short film about our trip to the south of Gotland. Even though it was snowing hard, and temperatures were below zero, we had a successful hunt, and most of all a good time.  My old Landrover did fine as well.

  • Marcus Marsman

    I was there. It was freezing cold, minus 4 Celsius, and snowing. So your hands were numb within 5 minutes. You cannot shoot with gloves on, and you canot shoot with numb hands, at least not with my gloves, unfortunately. So the trick was:

    - Step 1: Keep on your gloves until your hands are warm enough to have control over your fingers;
    - Step 2: Get ready and put your finger on the trigger, to aim at an rabbit that runs out his hole;
    - Step 3: Just before you loose the feeling in your hands, put the safety pin on, and put your hands back in you pockets.
    - Step 4: go back to step 1.

    Out of the 4 possible shots, one rabbit appeared in Step 1. Three appeared in Step 2. I shot three times, hit 2 of them.

    Next time I will buy some very thin gloves !