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Ronny Lund, Gotland Sweden

My name is Ronny Lund and together with my wife  Hanna Engström we own the Ekeskogs Farm in Gotland, Sweden.

I was born in Visby, Gotland in 1959 and for the most part of my life I have lived on this island.

At a very young age my father took me on my first hunt, carrying my own wooden rifle. I still remember walking with him in the woods of Gotland absorbing all the beautiful nature has to offer.

Ever since that day I have had a passion for the nature and wildlife in Gotland.  I consider myself very privileged to be the owner of a farm that has its own hunting grounds, many beautiful horses, hunting dogs and other animals.

Hunting in Gotland is a magical experience which I want to share with you through this website.

I would be honored to be your host and provide you with a stay at my farm in one of our cottages and be your guide during the hunt.

The hunting at Ekeskogs farm and the hunting trips I can offer you on Gotland are meant to be a experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

The hunting experience I provide are centered around safety, respect for animals, responsibility for nature and a friendly atmosphere.

And last but not least: another great passion of mine is preparing you a wonderful wildlife meal in our “Ekeskogs Restaurant” that will be opened in fall or winter in 2011.

Your are very welcome on Ekeskogs farm, Rony Lund.

p.s. If you fill in your name and email adress at the top-right, I will send you a link to a video interview with me, by one of our guests, held in my kitchen (by candle light!)

Ronny with Hanna in the background